Thanks to your support we are excited to announce that we reached and surpassed our $22 million goal for our Goodwill Opportunity Campus Capital Campaign!


Opportunity has a new address! The Goodwill Opportunity Campus, opening June 30, 2016, will be a game-changer for disadvantaged job seekers, providing them with access to critical resources and supports under one roof. The Campus will feature a 160,000-square-foot career services center located on an 18-acre site at the corner of Wilkinson Boulevard and Boyer Street in Charlotte.

The new facility will offer access to technology, assessment and testing in a comfortable environment, personalized mentoring and coaching, a warm hand-off to strategic partner agencies located on campus, work experiences through Goodwill’s on-site enterprises and expanded skill development capabilities.

The campus will be designed to provide a seamless continuum of support with increased opportunities for access to services that meet basic needs: a job resource center, private interview rooms, testing and assessment accommodations, a mock retail training store, youth center, child care facility, full-service kitchen and café, community space, as well as a greater number of classrooms.

In addition to providing training and employment opportunities, this multi-use facility is also designed to house Goodwill’s business enterprise operations, administrative support services and workforce services operations. It will also include GW and Second Editions: a Goodwill Outlet Store, Community Table Bistro, Bank of America Community Space, Center of Community Transitions, Commonwealth Charlotte, Charlotte Metro Credit Union and Charlotte Community Health Clinic.

Goodwill invites the community to invest in the bold vision for Goodwill Opportunity Campus.




Leadership Gifts $100,000+

American Airlines  •  Bank of America Foundation  •  Tom and Kim Barnhardt  •  Bissell Foundation  •  Charlotte Community Health Clinic  •  Childress Klein  •  The Dickson Foundation  •  The Dowd Foundation  •  Howard R. Levine Foundation  •  The Leon Levine Foundation  •  David E. Looper & Company  •  NCFI/Barnhardt Foundation  •  Piedmont Companies  •  Piedmont Natural Gas  •  Eric and Lori Sklut  •  United Way of Central Carolinas

Major Gifts $25,000+

Lee Armstrong and Mike Lumpkin  •  Darren and Kathryn Ash  •  Bragg Financial Advisors  •  The Cannon Foundation, Inc.  •  David Belk Cannon Foundation  •  William C. and Norma C. Cannon Charitable Trust  •  Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Foundation  •  Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated  •  Kieth and Serena Cockrell  •  Bob and Peggy Culbertson  •  Michael Elder  •  First Citizens Bank  •  Griffith Real Estate Services Company  •  David and Nancy Haggart  •  Ben and Kathy Hill  •  Holland & Hamrick Architects  •  Steve & Cheryl Keller  •  Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein, LLP  •  Shelco LLC  •  SteelFab, Inc.  •  Triad Foundation, Inc.  •  Ed Weisiger  •  Joan and Robert Zimmerman

Special Gifts

Jeffrey Adams  •  Jerome Adams  •  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adamson  •  Advantage Truck Leasing  •  Rodolfo Alfaro  •  Brenda Almond  •  Angela Amos  •  Sandy Anderson  •  Marie Antoine  •  A.O. Smith Water Systems  •  Donnie Armstrong  •  Andy Arnette  •  Blas Arroyo  •  Jennifer Appleby  •  Beverly Arthur  •  Carol Ashby  •  Alesia Ashcraft  •  Alliance One International, Inc.  •  Timothy Ashworth  •  Bertha Atalaya  •  Marlin Atkins  •  James Autry  •  Mikhail Ayrumyan  •  James G. and Mary Lou Babb, Jr.  •  Jehnel Bannister  •  Sam and LaRita Barber  •  Douglas Barnes  •  Gary Barrett  •  Lillian Barrett  •  Leticia Barron  •  Pearl Dixon Balthis Foundation  •  George W. and Ruth R. Baxter Foundation  •  Steve and Joanne Beam  •  Sharon Beamon  •  Cynthia Bennett  •  Paul Betzold  •  Barbara Biddix  •  Jeff Bise and Family  •  Marlene Bishop  •  Douglas Blackney  •  Phillip Boger  •  Lisa Bolon  •  Lee Bond  •  Billy Bonny  •  BooneOakley  •  Samoan Bowden  •  Marilynn Bowler  •  Roberta Bowman  •  Jenna Brackett  •  Phillips Bragg  •  Barb and Steve Brasier  •  Linda Lockman-Brooks  •  Robert Brown  •  Joseph Bryant  •  Kwain Bryant  •  J. Douglas Buchanan  •  Donna Burns  •  John Burns  •  Kim Burton  •  Janet Cameron  •  Brandon Canterbury  •  Sandra Carnes  •  Robin Carson  •  Steady Cash  •  Laura Casoni  •  Danyiel Champlain  •  Darius Chapman  •  Tabitha Chappell  •  Charlotte Metro Credit Union  •  Kim Chase  •  Brad and Amanda Cherry  •  Leslie Chestnut  •  Leslie Clay  •  Roger D. Coates  •  Emily Coble  •  Danielle Coleman  •  Danielle Comte  •  Angelece Cook  •  The Corkery Family  •  Tracy Costner  •  Cynthia Cummings  •  Margaret Curbeam  •  Jesse Cureton  •  Clayton S. Curry, Jr.  •  Leslie Curry  •  Michelle Daley  •  Barbara D’Arcy  •  Patrick Darrow  •  Andrew Davila  •  Martha Davis  •  Jill Dinwiddie  •  Charlotte Doby  •  Wayne Dozier  •  Ed Driggs  •  Shannon Drolet  •  Katherine Edwards  •  Tom and Julie Eiselt  •  April Elam  •  Kevin Elder  •  The Employer’s Association  •  Brianna Eskridge  •  Damien Evans  •  Irwin Fairly  •  Chien Fang  •  Fifth Third Bank  •  Elizabeth Foster  •  Michael Foster  •  FreeMoreWest Partners  •  Lisa Gamble  •  Harvey and Cindy Gantt  •  Sara Garces and Dan Roselli  •  Erik and Karen Garrett  •  Ervin Gentry, Jr.  •  Bobby Gidney  •  Marshall B. Gilchrist  •  Eli Givens  •  Derrick Glass  •  Brenda Goodson  •  William Gordon, Jr.  •  Patty and Bill Gorelick  •  James Goulding  •  Cornelia Grabowski  •  Charlie & Laura Greer  •  Vannie  L. Gregory  •  Paulette Griffin  •  Clay and Deidre Grubb  •  William Hall  •  William B. Hamel, Sr.  •  Willie Hamlin  •  Keith Hampton  •  Laura Hampton  •  Queen Hampton  •  John Hamrick  •  Pia Harrison  •  Herb and Karen Harriss  •  Ed Hawes  •  Greg Hawes  •  Ashlynn Hawkins  •  Louis Hawkins  •  Dana Henderson  •  Eva Henderson  •  Betty Hendricks  •  Bobby R. Hendricks  •  Charlene L. Hendricks  •  Verona Hendrix  •  Hadassah Henry  •  Marquis Herman  •  Jessica Herrick  •  Sharon Herrmann  •  Thomas Higgins, Jr.  •  Nikasha Hills  •  Maria Himongala  •  Mia Hines  •  Jessica Hoffman  •  Stephanie and Brian Hoffman  •  April Hood  •  Cassandra Horne  •  Horack, Talley, Pharr & Lowndes, P.A.  •  Selena Huber  •  Jance Hughes  •  Thomas Hungate  •  Anne and Godknows Ibekwe  •  Brad Ingram  •  Chris and Renee Jackson  •  Michelle Jamison  •  Judy Jaro  •  Micah Javier  •  Brian and Sarah Jenest  • Jon Joffe  •  Gloria Johnson  •  Karen Johnson  •  Zachary Johnson  •  Robert Johnson III  •  Mahalia Jones  •  Tony Jones  •  Amy Jordan  •  Larry Jordan  •  Todd Jordan  •  JustGive  •  Craig Kalhagen  •  Calvin Kearney  •  Jennifer Keeter  •  Marvin Kelley  •  Kay King  •  Tonia King  •  Heather Kinley  •  Shelly Kinley  •  Rosalie Kirkley  •  Sue Korenstein  •  Beverly and Jim Kothe  •  Acena Lane  •  Ingrid Lawrence  •  Jay Letizia  •  Luis Linares  •  LJ Investments, LLC  •  Linda Lockman-Brooks  •  LaToya Lowery  •  Scott Lurie and Anne Essaye  •  Samantha Lutkus  •  Jeanette Lyle  •  Michael MacDonald  •  Barbara Maida-Stolle  •  Saidah Malik  •  Maribeth Marciniak  •  Malcolm Markos  •  Melissa Martinez  •  Lillian Mason  •  Vera Mason  •  Irina Masters  •  John McCann  •  Vanessa McCants  •  Sherri McGirt and Larry Farber  •  Nora McIntyre  •  Scott McLanahan  •  Kim and Bill McMillan  •  William T. McNamara  •  Robert B. McNeill  •  Sammie McQuiller  •  Natasha McRae  •  Cynthia Meeks  •  Robert L. Mendenhall  •  Angela Mercer  •  MetLife  •  Edward Meyer, Jr.  •  Microsoft  •  Constance Mitchell  •  Arrington Mixon  •  Erin Moll  •  Calvin Montgomery  •  E. Kaye Moore  •  Daphne Morgan  •  Marvin Mungo  •  Jessica Murphy  •  Masila Mutua  •  Mythic  •  Tonya Nations  •  Jay Norvell  •  Katherine Oates  •  Loretta Odom  •  Tate and Kristin Ogburn  •  Buenaflor Olazo  •  Lania Oliver  •  Don and Jill Olmstead  •  Brian Otto  •  Mindy Pacer  •  Peter Pappas  •  Shamauri Pegues  •  Alcides Perez  •  Robert Perry  •  Shay Perry  •  Victoria Perry  •  Henry Neal Pharr III  •  Berta Pineda  •  Lineth Del Pitti  •  Kimberly Poindexter  •  Dale and Larry Polsky  •  Jay Potter  •  Vicki Powe  •  H. David and Kim Powell  •  Veronica Pride  •  Diane Price  •  Terri Prowell  •  John and Beth Quinn  •  Tereza Ramseur  •  Sandra Ramsey  •  Dennis Randolph  •  Rappahannock Goodwill Industries  •  Macheal Reese  •  Charles W. Reid  •  Loren Resabala  •  Jennifer Ressler  •  Michelle Rice  •  Cynthia Ritchie  •  Alma Gean Rittenberry  •  Debbie Roberts  •  Loretta Robinson  •  Meredith Robinson  •  Patricia Rogers  •  Gloria Ron  •  Roper Physical Therapy  •  Genny Ryan  •  Waheed Salama  •  Salem Leasing  •  Wieslawa Samplawski  •  Schneider National Foundation, Inc.  •  Larry Schwartz  •  Jennifer Schwarz  •  Clarence Scott  •  Mallory Seymour  •  Daivd Shore  •  Bob and Caroline Sink  •  Jim and Lori Skibbens  •  Barbara Smith  •  Robert Smith  •  Tony and Laurie Smith  •  Mary Somers  •  Jody Spaur  •  Rivera Spears  •  Stephanie Speece  •  Springsteen Foundation  •  St. Matthews Catholic Church  •  Dayna Stacey  •  Erica Starkey  •  Kathleen Stewart  •  Keitha Stewart  •  Tina Stokes  •  Edward Strain  •  Seth M. Stringfield  •  Jean Ann Stuart  •  William Sturges  •  Nina Stywall  •  SunTrust Foundation  •  The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving  •  James M. Talley and Claire Y. Talley  •  John and Claire Tate  •  Justin C. Taylor  •  Tynita Taylor  •  TEGNA, Inc.  •  Berdie Tesseneer  •  Kathryn and Mark Thompson  •  Molly Thompson  •  Kimberly Thrower  •  Daniel Tobin  •  Crystal Todd  •  Rebecca Townsend  •  Sara Trexler  •  Carol Truesdale  •  G. Robert Turner III and Camilla D. 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June 2016

As we race towards our capital campaign finish line of $22 million, we have been issued a very exciting opportunity from the Leon Levine Foundation. They will increase their investment in the Goodwill Opportunity Campus by 8% (which equates to $100,000), if we can raise an additional $100,000 from our community in the next 30 days. Our community answered the call. We are incredibly grateful for your support! Thanks to your support we reached and surpassed the Levine Challenge goal!

March 2016

Leave a lasting legacy at the Goodwill Opportunity Campus by purchasing a brick as aperpetual reminder of your generosity and belief in Changing Lives Through the Power of Work. As a client begin their journey towards securing family sustaining employment on the bricks in our courtyard. The names in our courtyard will be representative of a belief in the work of Goodwill, as well as a reminder of those that made this building possible. Buy a brick. Leave your legacy on the future of opportunity.

Two brick sizes available:

  • 4″ x 8″ $250
  • 8″ x 8″ $500

Name the brick for yourself, your organization or your family. Honor someone who made your dreams attainable. Leave a legacy and inspire through your generosity.

September 10, 2015

On September 10th, Goodwill announced the four nonprofit community partners that will have a full-time presence in the new Goodwill Opportunity Campus. The announcement was made during an event at the new facility, currently under construction and scheduled to open in late spring 2016. Attendees included Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter and Charlotte City Council member LaWana Mayfield. In order to change the trajectory of poverty in the region, Goodwill has brought together several local agency partners to help address client barriers in healthcare, banking, financial literacy, and transitional support services to help individuals in the community achieve stability and eventually gain a level of self-sufficiency. Working collaboratively with strategic partners located under one roof will enable Goodwill to provide the convenience of access to crucial services that will positively influence economic mobility. The full-time on-site partners will include Charlotte Community Health Clinic, Common Wealth Charlotte, Charlotte Metro Credit Union, and The Center for Community Transitions. To view the article from the Charlotte Observer regarding the partnership announcement, please click here.

May 21, 2015

Goodwill’s annual Cornerstone Celebration on May 21st was a wonderful celebration of its 50 years of service in Charlotte and the Southern Piedmont region. During the celebration Goodwill announced that the new building located on the Opportunity Campus is being named The Leon Levine Opportunity Center. To view the article from the Charlotte Observer regarding the event and Mr. Levine’s support of the project, please click here.

August 5, 2014

On August 5th, Goodwill announced it will change the trajectory of poverty for disadvantaged job seekers and their families in the Charlotte metro area by building the Goodwill Opportunity Campus. The announcement was shared with the more than 135 public guests and media during a Growing Opportunity Celebration at the future site of the new campus in west Charlotte. Charlotte Chamber President Bob Morgan, City Councilwoman of District 2, LaWana Mayfield, Charlotte and North Carolina President of Bank of America, Charles Bowman and Co-Chair of the Goodwill Opportunity Campus Capital Campaign all made remarks about the impact the Campus will have on the region during the presentation.




With your help, we can continue to fulfill our mission of changing lives through the power of work.



Campaign Progress




Site Progress 

We are eager to share that site work on the Goodwill Opportunity Campus has commenced. Please check out our “GOC Construction Progress” album in the Gallery tab to see how the GOC is progressing.



Campus Partners

Charlotte Community Health Clinic

Charlotte Metro Credit Union

The Center for Community Transitions


Common Wealth Charlotte



Goodwill thanks you for your interest in the Goodwill Opportunity Campus.

Please email us at the link below and a representative will contact you as soon as possible. 



 If you’d like to contact us by phone, call LaRita Barber at 704.332.0293.


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